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While staying at The Hotel Himland East, there are many picturesque destinations for sightseeing or day excursions – or for a taste of soft or hard adventure.  With Shimla town as the base, all areas around can be covered.  Many places are accessible by vehicle, while for some, hikes or walks are suggested.  The popular places around are Shimla, Mashobra, Tattapani, Kufri, Chail, Fagu and Narkanda.

 Tattapani and River Rafting on River Sutlej:

Situated on the banks of the river Sutlej, Tattapani is just around 50 km from Shimla, along a road that winds through the scenic countryside.  Tattapani was famous for its hot sulphur springs.

River rafting handled by trained operators is available. You may also visit the historic Lord Shiva caves that are at a short distance.

Mashobra and Carignano:

Pine and oak woods frame Mashobra, 20  km from Shimla.  Enchanting trails wind through the forest to lovely gardens, apple orchards and the old Church. From the heart of Mashobra, a pedestrian track leads down to Sipur. This is a large and exquisite glade shaded by ancient cedar trees.  Streams of cool water gently divide it.  The pastoral picture is completed by the temples on the edge. Carignano lies close to Mashobra and offers excellent views of the area.

A trek to Shali Peak, the highest hill in the area, can be done from Mashobra.


This 20 km from Shimla along the Naldehra golf course road and has excellent views and walk trails.

Kufri :

This is a little hamlet, just 40 km from Shimla and offers views of the countryside and the majestic Himalaya mountains. A one-time winter sports capital, Kufri is still a focal point for a large number of ski enthusiasts who come here to enjoy the ski slopes.  Here, one can experience a rare ride on a yak and visit the mini zoo (Indira tourist park) that has some rare Himalayan wildlife.

50 km from Shimla, Fagu is a vantage point with panoramic views of the ranges and valleys. Picturesquely located amidst forests and orchards, it is an interesting village and serves as a good base for exploring the nearby countryside.

An enchanting 80 km drive from The Hotel, brings you to Narkanda, which is a popular skiing resort in winter. It has a choice of ski slopes – a beginner’s run, a slalom slope and sharper descents for the seasoned foot.  Narkanda offers some of the finest views of the Greater Himalayas.

80 km from Hotel Himland East, Chail was the summer capital of the erstwhile maharaja of Patiala. Visit one of the highest cricket grounds in the world that is situated here.Lunch at the beautiful Chail Palace Hotel, may be followed by some memorable pine scented walks through a dense forest.

Shimla (Jakho Temple, the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, the Mall, Ridge and Shopping):

Spilling over steep slopes in the lower Himalaya, Shimla was the former ‘summer capital’ of British India. This is now the capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh, it evokes a sense of nostalgia with its pretty gabled cottages, half-timbered buildings and old churches.  The Mall has elegant shops and interesting architecture. In the centre of the city is the famous ‘Scandal Point’. The Ridge is a place to which all tourists flock.  While in Shimla, one can tour the former Viceregal Lodge – the imposing edifice that now houses the Indian Institute of Advanced Study. Jakho Hill – the highest point of Shimla has a famous temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.  Shimla also has Christ Church, St. Michael’s Cathedral and several other places of interest.

At a height of 2044m and 20 kms from The Hotel Himland East, lies the Naldehra golf course. This is a nine hole that is among the most picturesque ones in the world. The surrounding country, bouncy turf and a grove of deodars caught the eye of Lord Curzon, and the golf course was designed under his personal supervision.

This is open to all at nominal green fees.  Golf sets, balls and caddies are available on hire.  The course is closed from 15th December to end February.

Trekking: Trekking  area is mostly around Mashobra and Baldeya area. Some of the famous treks are:-

  1. The Carignano Trek (Beginners’ family trek)
    A circular trek takes you around the hillock of Carignano. This is our most popular trek, starting from  Mashobra,  and ending at the Fruit Research Centre.
  2. The Mashobra Valley Trek:
    This is one of the more popular treks. Starting from the town of Mashobra, it descends down to Sipur through thick deodar forest, and at Sipur you can see a 400-year-old temple. You can return back or carry on to Mulkoti for a longer trek, which is more challenging and takes about three hours.  A total distance of eight kilometers will be covered.
  3. The Century Old Trek:
    An 11 kilometers trek for duration of three hours from Mashobra to Dak Bunglow.  The trek finishes at an altitude of 2350 m. This is a strenuous trek.
  4. The Neckline Trek:
    This is a three hours moderate trek through eight kilometers from Mashobra and ending at Kotidhar. The last lap is strenuous.